who we are

About the Company

Arab Doctors was founded in 2007 as a small distributor of medical products in KSA. The company has evolved into a major Health and Wellness innovative company that serves the needs of consumers in Saudi Arabia.

With our team of professionals in Sales, Marketing, Distribution, and Business Development, we expanded our operations from Saudi Arabia reaching the entire region of the Middle East and Africa. Arab Doctors is always looking for innovative products that fulfill the Health and Wellness needs of our customers in the region.

We provide more than 70 products in different categories e.g. natural pain relief, oral care, personal care, food supplements, medical supplies, and medical devices.

Arab Doctors proudly partners with many leading companies from the USA, Spain, Italy, UK, South Korea, China, and Egypt.

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in South Korea that applies the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practices


We pride ourselves on being one of the most professional and efficient partners in our industry within Saudi Arabia, the team is unrivaled regarding experience,
background training and efficiency in delivering results. The company’s activities range from commercial agency, product distribution and services for Health and
Wellness products .


To provide the best health and wellness products and services to our community


Through our highly-trained professional and passionate team at Arab Doctors, we work to provide innovative and high-quality products that fulfill health and wellness needs of our customers in a safe.
cost-effective, seamless and easy to access way We strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives through our products and services


Since my graduation from Cairo University I had a dream to improve people’s lives.
This dream was the real motive that inspired me to establish Arab Doctors.
The dream came true and we helped millions of people to improve their lives through our products and services, and we will continue to do so.
This is who we are and what we will continue to be.


Dr. Ahmed Gomaa


After 23 years of experience in Multinational Organizations and multiple projects that I worked on with many local and regional companies, I came across Arab Doctors.
When I looked into their success story I realized immediately that this will be the next big thing in my career story.
At Arab Doctors, we strongly believe that it’s not only about doing business.
It’s really about adding value. Adding value to people, helping them lead a better quality life and feel better about themselves.
This has been and will always be at the core of what we do. We want to make a difference and we will.


Dr. Mamdouh El Nakeeb

Regional Managing Director
Middle East and Africa